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Mindful Meditation will improve your blood pressure!  Let us show you how even 10 minutes a day can lower your blood pressure (risk factors for both heart attacks and strokes) and it's free, easy, and no nasty side effects from medications.

Harvard Health Publishing, 29 Jan 2018
The Right Plant-based Diet for You

A more plant based diet may decrease your risk of heart disease and it's not just "rabbit food."  We'll happily show you how you can prepare delicious, easy meals, that, I promise you, will make you feel great. 

There is evidence showing Reiki can decrease your pain and anxiety.  Dr. Ward is a trained Reiki Master, so let her show you how it works. Plus, how can you go wrong being in a relaxing in a calm, peaceful space with a gorgeous water view. 

Medical News Today, 11 July 2019
EMDR Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

EMDR may mitigate symptoms of depression and self esteem.  Let's discuss whether this may be a useful approach for you.