In the current setting of political strife, job loss, global warming, and a worldwide pandemic, all on top of our already busy and chaotic lives, it is no wonder many of us today are experiencing an unprecedented level of stress. 


Although we all agree no one enjoys feeling stressed, how much does it really affect our health?  Quite a bit. 

There are numerous studies implicating stress as a component in a variety of medical disorders including, but not limited to: hypertension, anxiety, and depression. 

How can we deal with this stress?  Meditation. 

Anyone can learn how to meditate.  You also do not have necessarily be spiritual or religious to reap the rewards (check out anchorman and self described skeptic Dan Harris' view on the topic), .  So, for even 10 minutes per day, you can lower your blood pressure, stress and anxiety.  I'll help you find which approach works best for you.