About Me

A New England native, I started my medical career in research, later transitioning to the Emergency Room, where I have been working the past 15 years. I have been at the beside of thousands of patients, giving just as much attention and care for the sore throats as the critical, life threatening 



More recently, my focus has shifted toward establishing a 

more integrative approach to patient care. For many years, I have come to appreciate the growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of holistic medicine and the undeniable connection between our mind, body, and spirit. 


Subsequently, I have come to realize the importance of how the view of ourselves and the world around us can directly affect our health-both in the midst of disease, but also in disease prevention. 

Thoughtfully combining methods from western medicine along with holistic approaches, my aim is to partner with you in order to establish a personally tailored approach that will help you achieve your health care goals. 

I believe in the good old fashioned doctor/patient relationship. I feel this has been lost in the current health care model and I hope to bring that back, building a personal, long lasting relationship with you. 

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"The secret of the care of the patient is in the caring for the patient." - Dr. Francis Peabody
  •  Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Cell and Molecular Biology, 2002, PhD
  •  Tufts Medical School, 2005, MD

  •  Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Brown University School of Medicine, 2009

  •  American Board of Emergency Medicine Certified since 2009

  •  Massachusetts State Medical Licensed since 2009

  •  Toxicology Fellowship Trained, University of Massachusetts, Worcester, 2011

  •  Maine State Medical Licensed since 2014

  •  Reiki Master certified, 2017

  •  Meditation Teacher Training, 2018

  •  EMDR trained, 2020

  •  NASM certified, 2020

  •  Plant-Based Nutrition Certified, 2020

  •  Tai Chi Teacher Trained, 2020

  •  American College of Lifestyle Board Certification, anticipated completion: 7/2021